Trying to get started in Pan X

I got my early invitation, got registered, trying to start working on a database from my Pan 6 file set. I copied a file from my Pan 6 working folder into another folder for Pan X. I added the extension .pan. I opened this copy in Pan 6, disconnected it from sharing, and saved it. When I try to open it in Pan X everything seems fine, except nothing happens. The completely empty Pan X workspace stays empty, and there is no error message. It has not opened in some other window (that I can find). I’m reading “Importing a Panorama 6 Database” and have performed all the steps, at least as I understand them. There must be something I am missing…

Maybe the file opened with no visible windows? Try this:

  • Open View>View Organizer
  • Click on the pop-up menu at the top of the organizer window. Hopefully your database is listed, if so, select it.
  • Choose Open Data Sheet from the Organizer menu.

There have been a couple of cases where Panorama X files opened without visible windows. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Panorama 6 database that did that, but there’s always a first time. If that is the case, I’d be interested in having a copy of the database so that I can run it under the debugger and see what is going on. Of course if that is not the case, and the technique above doesn’t work, I would definitely need to look at the database to see what is going on. If the data is sensitive you could remove it (using Panorama 6) before sending it to me.

Is it necessary to preface the subject of every post with "[Panorama Discussion Forum] [Panorama X] " ?

If it’s necessary to distinguish between Pan 6 and Pan X postings, the prefix could just be PanX.


The forum software automatically builds the email subject from the forum name, the category, and the topic. In other words, people are not prefacing their subjects with this text, they are simply placing their posts in the appropriate category. I don’t think there is any way to get the forum software to abbreviate either the forum name or the category in the email subject. BTW, this would probably have been better as a new topic rather than as a reply to Scott’s thread.

I have tried opening a couple of Pan 6 databases, and they have opened without windows. It happened with earlier pre-prerelease versions as well, but there was nothing to do about it then. Maybe it is something with my system. I need to try it with one of my cleaner accounts.

So far, I have had it crash twice. No, when I just checked on it again, it crashed one more time. I just clicked on a window, and it quit. It is a nothing database, one field with numbers which should display in a Text Display box, but nothing shows up there, just the boxes. I will send it to you.

Well. Today I tried again, and using the View Organizer discovered that my file was there, opened without windows. And now being able to open forms and procedures I’m beginning to see the tip of a very large iceberg. Everything is right there! Much to learn, but the book is open. I see warning marks by some of my procedures, indicating commands from Pan 6 that are meaningless in Pan X. Is there a nice reference for how Pan X covers for these deprecated commands? For example, Resynchronize is not supported by Pan X, but what it does is still needed. I expect I can find this by digging deeper, but there are a lot of these and some kind of cross reference would be very helpful.

I won’t bog down the current topic with all the questions that arise now that I can see Pan X in action, I’ll bog down other topics ;-).

Open the Panorama Help file (Help/Panorama X Help) and select “Panorama X Early Release Status” from the left list. At the bottom of this page you will find a link to “Unimplemented Statements & Functions”. Clicking on this will open the page containing all the items in red that will not be implemented and all the items in black that are scheduled to be implemented over time. Also on this page is a link to the “New” items in Panorama X. This list is huge and will probably make your head spin. I’m not sure how up to date these lists are but they will definitely cover most of the things you will encounter.

Thank you Gary, that’s what I needed. My head spun a little bit, but I’m getting used to that. I realized after I posted that the commands I saw in my database that were not implemented were server-specific commands, and of course they won’t work without a server existing. My Panorama life will be useless without a server in the mix, so I have to ask what the expected timeline for that might be?

At this time, none of the statements or functions that are associated with Panorama Enterprise Server are supported. That is the next big project.[quote=“gary, post:7, topic:175”]
I’m not sure how up to date these lists are but they will definitely cover most of the things you will encounter.

Here is the link to the page Gary mentioned.

Unimplimented Statements and Functions

The list is up-to-date as of June 12th. It’s generated automatically (using a Panorama X database!) so it is quite accurate. If you check the list you’ll see that resynchronize is listed in black, which means that it is not deprecated and that it is planned for inclusion in Panorama X.[quote=“staylor246, post:6, topic:175”]
beginning to see the tip of a very large iceberg

Yep, there really is a lot there – there really is a reason why I conducted such extensive classes!