Importing a Panorama 6 Database with View-As-List Forms

Continuing the discussion from Trying to get started in Pan X:

Bruce sent me his Panorama 6 database, and the problem turned out to be that Panorama X wasn’t properly handling View-As-List windows – they wouldn’t open. So if the Panorama 6 database was saved with only a View-As-List window, then no windows would open at all, and you’d have to use the View Organizer to get a window open.

I have now fixed this problem (Panorama X Issue #516), the fix will be in the next release.

@staylor246, does that sound like it matches your situation? A Panorama 6 database saved with only a View-As-List form open?

I’ve just started trying to use PanX.
Specific question re displaying monetary values:
Using either of the expression formats $#.## or $#,.## I find, as an example, that 6000 displays as $6000.00.
In Pan6, 6000 would display as $6000.00 in format $#.## but as $60.00 in format $#,.##. This old-fashioned Pan6 way of using format $#,.## is what I would like to use in PanX. What am I missing?