View-As-List objects must be completely inside report tile

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Bruce sent me his database, and the reason why the Text Display object doesn’t show up is because it isn’t entirely inside the report tile. This was allowed in Panorama 6, but at least so far, Panorama X requires that an object be entirely enclosed by the tile or it won’t be included. I slightly reduced the size of the Text Display object and it worked fine.

Unfortunately, I was not able to duplicate that. I tried all kinds of stuff, no crashes. I also could not find anything helpful to me in the crash report you sent.

Okay, it is crashing as soon as I click on the tile in Data mode. Try that.

Got it! :checkered_flag:

The crash happens if you click in an empty spot in the tile. It doesn’t crash if you click on an object. I didn’t see the crash because there is almost no empty spot in your tile, so I had to click carefully on the edge to miss the text object. Actually – since your text object wasn’t actually in the tile, the entire tile was empty and a click anywhere would cause the crash for you. I didn’t see that because I fixed the text object size before I did anything else, so the crash would only happened if you clicked on a very tiny area around the edges. Fortunately I clicked a few times and happened to hit that sliver.

Anyway, the code is now fixed (Issue #517). Thanks for the clue @BruceDeB!

Well, that sure answers the question I was about to ask - I brought over another database, only 8 records and 3 fields, the data sheet showed everything but my list form had nothing but a highlight bar, which would scroll up and down through all the invisible records. But in fixing it, I kept encountering a serious problem that I’ve had since I started: the infernal beach ball starts up almost any time I click on something and sometimes I have to wait 2 minutes for it to stop so I can click on something else (and here we go again). Is there an explanation (and cure) for this?

Naturally, after writing this I went back to my database and it doesn’t beach-ball like it did, but I expect it to any minute. But I have another view-as-list issue with it. There is but a single data cell in the data tile, and it has clearance all around. The data displays, but in white, which makes it invisible unless the highlight is on it. I can’t find where to manage the color of the text; I can fiddle with the color and stroke of the surrounding box but not the data itself.

I was able to duplicate this by adding a Text Editor object to the view-as-list form and turning on the Pop-Up Editing option (which makes it act like a Panorama 6 data cell). I’m going to ponder what the solution for this might be, but for now the temporary solution would be to turn this option off. You can select all of the Text Editors on a form at once and turn off the option with for all of them for one click.

If it seems like there are a bunch of View-As-List problems, it seems that way to me also. I think the reason is that until recently, Panorama X didn’t include View-As-List at all and I wasn’t going to include it. This feature was only added a few months ago. All of the students in the class had probably gone thru their databases and changed View-As-List forms into Matrix forms, because I told them they had to. So they probably aren’t using or testing View-As-List forms very much.

You may think the idea of leaving out View-As-List forms is crazy, but before coming to that conclusion you should watch this video – “Text List & Matrix Roadmap”. Personally I don’t think I’ll ever use a view-as-list form again. (The video about 20 minutes and is free. The audio on this particular video is a bit subpar, sorry about that.)

Glad I could help!

I will have to look at the video to see whether a matrix or text list would work for what I am doing.