Critical Panorama 10.2 b30 Update -- INSTALL NOW

Panorama X 10.2.0 b30-4183

A new version of Panorama is now available. This version includes a critical update that allows Panorama to communicate with the server. You may not see an immediate problem if you continue to use older versions, but you will not be able to use the Site License window, and you will eventually get messages that you need to connect to The only way to make that connection is to install and use the b30 version, so we strongly urge that all users install this new version immediately. This includes anyone that is still using 10.1 or 10.0. You can download the new version by clicking Download Trial on the home page, or if you are already using Panorama X 10.2 you can use the Check for Updates window (in the Panorama menu).

  • CRITICAL: This version has been updated to be compatible with changes made on Oct 30, 2020 to the server. If you’re interested in the technical details about this, see Notice: ProVUE.COM Server Maintenance This Weekend - #3 by admin
  • The View Organizer now allows you to insert a new procedure or form in a specific spot. Simply right click and choose Insert New … from the pop-up menu. This pop-up menu has 6 new commands: Rename, Move to Top, Move to Bottom, Insert New, Insert Action Menu, and Insert Separator Line. See the View Organizer documentation for more information.
  • The View Organizer has a new Reveal Custom Libraries command in the Organizer menu.
  • New function classicdictionaryvalue( is similar to getdictionaryvalue( but key is case insensitive. (In Panorama 6 the getdictionaryvalue( function was case insensitive, so this new function can be used when an application was relying on that behavior.)
  • Warnings are no longer disabled if no bypass modifier keys are specified.
  • The new CGITEST statement allows a program to open the Test window for web debugging (see URL Tool Menu (Web Debugging)).
  • It’s now possible to automate the new sharing generation process using the new startnewdatabasegeneration and uploadnewdatabasegeneration statements.
  • Removed the extra horizontal padding that appeared around Matrix cells in macOS 11 and greater. (Apple changed the default padding. This caused the favorites editor to display incorrectly, and probably many other matrix items.)
  • The Find/Select dialog now works even if a data cell is being edited.
  • The operation of the excludefromrecentmenu statement is cancelled if the next open fails for any reason. In the past, this would cause the next opened database to have the Exclude from Recent Menu option turned on. For example this could happen after a failed channel load. This may have caused sporadic occurrences of databases being excluded from the Recent menu for no apparent reason. If this has happened, you will need to use the Database Options dialog to manually disable this option, but now it will not spontaneously enable again.
  • The info(“fieldcount”) function is not longer restricted, it is allowed even if the user cannot modify the database structure. This change allows the Find/Select dialog to work correctly for users with restricted permission levels.
  • The Server Admin wizard now clears the database and session lists when switching servers. This prevents the list for the previous server from showing up if the new server isn’t responding.
  • The documentation now explicitly states that local variables should never be used in a form.
  • The for and looparray statements are designed to be used with the endloop statement at the end of the loop. However, these statements no longer crash if you incorrectly use while forever or until forever at the end of the loop.
  • The CloseFile and CloseDatabase statements now automatically unlock the current record if locked. However, you should probably save before closing (which also unlocks the current record)!
  • Fixed the PageSetup statement (it would just beep).
  • Site License now displays server usage history, and also can display pending usage for the current period.
  • The Site License Owner Info panel now allows the contact info to be updated (this did not work before).
  • Site License no longer displays a debug dialog if password reset is incorrect.
  • The ZLogDictionary statement now works properly with the ZLogCoverage statement.
  • Eliminated record locking confusion when a variable has the same name as a field.
  • Much better contrast on the progress bar when downloading a new Panorama update (in the Check for Updates window).
  • Added new help page about the Database is Damaged alert.
  • Documentation corrections submitted by Jim Rea, Jim Cook and David Scott.

Tried to update and got this dialog… would not update…

Screen Shot 2022-10-31 at 5.44.09 AM

I got that message also. The new version did download, so manual installation worked without a hitch: drag old PanX version from app folder to trash and drag new version from downloads folder to app folder.

If this happens, you’ll have to manually complete the install. If you look in the Downloads folder, you’ll see that there is a file there.

To manually install this file, first quit the Panorama you have running.

Next, rename the file to simply →

Now drag this new into your Applications folder, replacing the existing copy of Panorama.

Launch the new copy of Panorama and you’re ready to go.

Another option is to download a fresh copy from Click the Download Trial button, then follow the instructions to download. Once that’s done, copy into the applications folder.

If your curious as to why this alert may appear, the technical details are discussed in the Notice: ProVUE.COM Server Maintenance This Weekend - #3 by admin thread.