Uploading a Replacement Server/Web Base

When uploading a replacement database for one that is already on a server a dialog always comes up about a mismatched ID.

In this case I replaced a base named “prcdrs”
Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 3.56.36 PM

Everything seems to work without issue and the new database operates as intended. Seemingly it’s a false alarm and nothing is wrong.

Could you be more specific about what you are doing? Normally you would just do a new generation.

If you are transferring a database from one server to another, there is a report in the bug tracker about that.

I suppose the transfer would fit this situation. I do most programming on a copy running on my in-house server. When I have enough ready and running well, I unshare a copy then upload to the working server.

As I noted, nothing seems to malfunction. It’s a false alarm as far as I can tell.

Ha! Not only is this already in the bug list, but you also reported it previously a couple of months ago.

I thought it had come up some time ago but I couldn’t find it here.