Replace Server Dbase

In order to make sure things are just right before loading changed procedures to a web server’s database, I typically make revisions in a copy running on my in-house server. When satisfied all is good, I replace the server copy.

Doing this last week I ran into a couple of issues worth noting.

I started by detaching a copy of the db from my server. Then I loaded it to the remote server via the Database Options and set for Sharing and Web Serving. It correctly asked if I wanted to replace the file by that name and I confirmed it.
The upload ran as expected.

But when the upload completed and the server opened the database, I was notified that the ID didn’t match. Check Server Connection reported that the database was not connected.

I quit locally and reopened the file and it synched and performed properly. The new procedures were in place and working.

So the replace caused a bit of confusion in the software, but it did work.

(In Pan 6 Server, Clones allowed us to modify a database, then update various servers. Unless I’ve missed it I don’t believe there’s any similar feature in Pan X Server.)

Looks like this is confirmation of a problem reported earlier this year.

As for the Clones feature, Panorama X does not have it, and it is not planned. This feature took multiple weeks to implement and debug, and I think you may have been the only one using it. Having said that, probably someone else will raise their hand here, but it’s definitely a very low number.