Update to Forum Software

I just found out the forum software was updated to version 2.4 a few days ago (we use a hosting service that automatically installs updates for us). Here is the Discourse blog about this major update for those of you that are interested in getting the most out of your forum experience.

The blog entry above actually only mentions a portion of the changes in this new release. If you really want to get the full rundown go to this link, unfortunately the list of changes is so extensive it is spread across eleven pages.

One change I think will be especially handy is that now you can embed videos into a post that can be expanded to full screen.

Wow, I just realized that we are coming up on four years since we switched over from an email discussion list to this Discourse based forum. Time flies when you’re having fun! ProVUE was a fairly early adopter of Discourse, I’ve seen more and more companies jump on board over the past few years. Thank you to all of you for the awesome level of participation on this forum.

And this forum is one of the most professional I have seen, thanks to all who participate and share.