Strange behavior of Find/Select in 10.2 b18 and later

This has already been mentioned by RAmeeti on Aug. 16, then by JohnB and myself.

Since I moved from 10.2.0.b18 (3745), including now with b20, I noticed a strange behavior with the Find/Select menu.

after launching PanX and opening a DB

  • all starts well and the Find/Select menu behaves as expected

  • then after some time (one hour or so), for no special reason that I have noticed, ‘Contains’ disappears from the possible choices in the Find/Select menu, (Contains, Does Not Contain, Begins With, Ends With, …)

  • restarting PanX restores the correct situation for a while.

I have also experienced this problem a handful of times in 10.2 b20.
I’m not sure if it is something I did that triggered it or what could have caused it but each time it happened, it went away after simply quitting and restarting PanoramaX.

If this happens again, you might be able to collect information that could help track this down. Start by opening the View Organizer (from the View menu). Click the Include Libraries box, then choose _FindSelectLib from the popup menu.

Now choose Open Data Sheet from the Database menu. You’ll see something like this:

However, the first line will probably be different. Perhaps the Type won’t be Text, or the Operator cell will be blank, or maybe the line will be completely gone? Whichever it is, this may provide a clue to the source of the problem.

Thanks Jim,

I have been able to configure the _FindSelectLib following your indications. After a clean restart it looks exactly like your screen shot.

More later, if the Find/Select menu get corrupted again…


I started with a clean situation, like in your screen shots, then after 2 hours and maybe 50 calls to the Find/Select menu, it went wrong as explained in the original mail. These are the screen shots according to your instructions. Contains has disappeared!

Find/select menu after the event


_FindSelect.lib after the event

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Interesting. I suspected that perhaps the first record might have been deleted, but it’s weird that the record does appear to be deleted, but the record count is still 115.

I am hitting this problem frequently. I will continue to reduce the steps but it only takes a couple of minutes to get there now.

I wonder if this can be reversed by using File>Revert to>Last Saved Version. I’m not suggesting this as a permanent fix but just curious.

Also, I wonder why there are no scroll bars? However, maybe that is because of how your system settings are configured.

I am really puzzled that the first record is missing, but the record count still says 115. When this happens again, please open the formula wizard and try this formula:


I’m very curious if this will say 115 or 114. This formula calculates the number from the data itself, and doesn’t rely on the record count kept by the database. These numbers should always match, but…

Here’s another formula to try.


The result should be empty, like this:

Note: You can run these formulas without opening the _FindSelectLib Data Sheet.

I am still in b20 with the ‘wrong’ configuration of Find/Select, as I found I can still work fairly correctly, albeit more slowly, using the ‘Begins With’ default setting, and I was curious to see what could happen next. Thus this is still now my Find/Select menu choices.


I ran your two formulae and I got:

115 for aggregate(“1”,“count”,"","_FindSelectLib")
empty for dbinfo(“datacorruption”,"_FindSelectLib")

Earlier tonight Eric Bolden and I had a private conversation and figured out what’s going on. You can duplicate this problem by opening the Find/Select dialog and then pressing Command-V (paste) before the dialog finishes initializing. In particular, Eric was pressing Command-C, Command-F, then Command-V in a quick sequence and most times it would immediately trigger the problem. I’m pondering how to permanently fix this but for now if you simply make sure to wait until you see the blinking I-beam before pressing Command-V you should be ok.


that’s a good line to try.

I have a fairly large DB, and it takes quite a while for the Find/Select panel to settle down, thus I may have used Command-V too early. Once in a while, this is one of my way to use the panel.

I will reset to a clean Pan version, and try to follow the advice, and see what happen.

Command-V is definitely the problem, and it used to work. This new bug was actually introduced by a change made in the b19 version, the fix for issue #188 wasn’t done quite right. It will be corrected in the next version.