Problems with printing procedure content

Being decidedly old-school (as well as just plain old), I frequently work from a printed copy when modifying procedure content, especially if it’s a large and complex procedure. In both Panorama 6.0 and Panorama X, the printing process is problematic. If the window is too wide, text falls off the edge and, if the procedure is small and the window is too high, an empty second page can be printed.

I am part-way through designing a process which automatically resizes a procedure window to avoid both of these problems. Before I go too far down that track I should ask the question - is there a simple way to do it that i’m not seeing?

I’ve added this text wrap problem to a previously reported print problem, since I believe the solution to both will be related.

Fixing this is going to be non-trivial, and there are many other projects that have higher priority. But I’ll get to it eventually.

I’ll complete my procedure and post it as an interim solution to the problem.