A procedure printing app

Recently, I posted this comment on a foible in the printing of procedures:

Jim’s response suggested that it could be some time before there’s a fix so I’ve written an app which solves the problem in the interim. Unfortunately, there is also a bug in the print statement, described here:

which has necessitated a less than elegant work-around. I’m reluctant to post the app to the Database Exchange in that form so I’ve put it up on Dropbox at:

I’d be grateful if some of you could give it a test run and report on any failings and/or suggested improvements. The download package includes a set of test files which incorporate properties designed to test the app’s abilities.

Thanks for your efforts. I appreciate them, but I personally would use a simpler approach (if I would want to print my procedures). The main problem of printing a procedure is that Panorama (X) does not wrap the code lines. My solution would be to copy the procedure text into a TextEdit window. TextEdit will automatically wrap the text, and no code line will be cut off when you print it.

An excellent idea (and it gets rid of the near-random text colouration) but what could be simpler than having somebody write an app for you :slight_smile:

… only if you change the format to plain text. TextEdit‘s RTF format would keep the coloration.

Incidentally, there are Services that will copy a selection to TextEdit, or a number of other text editors as well.

I have made some modifications and reloaded the files. The link is now