Problem with Download Assistant

Got another problem!
Just downloaded the PanoramaXDownloadAssistant but when trying to download the latest version I get the message “Call statement failed, procedure Download contains a compile error:”
Can you help once again?

The only way I could get a compile error from the Download procedure was to try to compile it with version 10.1.2. It never heard of the zlog statement. Every beta version, back to b10 compiled it successfully. My only guess is that you opened the download assistant with 10.1, instead of the 10.2 beta.

Thank you again Dave - you are correct I am using v 10.1.2(2854)
Because I had to do a clean install and start over with Panorama - I must have not downloaded the last version that was available to the public.

How can I now get the 10.2 beta version?

Make sure you are using an existing 10.2 beta (instead of version 10.1.2). Then the Download Assistant will work.

Use the link in the release notes for b16.