Permanent variables not transferred from Panorama 6

I’ve recently discovered that the contents of my 20 or so P6 permanent variables did not survive the journey to PX, and although they are all there, they haven’t been initialised. This is also true for all the Panorama permanent variables, which didn’t surprise me so much as I’m aware we have to redo the page and print settings.

The course material strongly suggests that their contents transfer, although neither of the slides listing what does and doesn’t transfer actually contain permanent variables and I don’t think Jim actually stated it either. None of them contained binary data so far as I know, but one did contain a dictionary.

I just converted a small test file with text in one permanent variable and it did transfer the contents of the variable successfully.

I’ve rather laboriously copied their data across from P6 and initialised each of the 20 one by one in PX, but I’ll have to do this quite a few more times, so I’d like to know how to get it to happen properly during the conversion.

David Duncan

If you have a Panorama 6 database with permanent variables that don’t transfer to Panorama X, I’d like a copy of it. These variables should transfer, and before this I’ve not had any reports of them not transferring. Unless they contain binary data, there should be no trick, it just works.

I have seen databases where one or two permanent variables were corrupted. But in those cases, the data wasn’t accessible in Panorama 6 either. There will be a note in the Console log if Panorama X encounters a corrupted variable.

I’ve just imported it again and the permanent variables are still not initialised. It’s about 2MB, or ~350KB zipped. Will I email it to ???

I redacted the email from your post since I get enough spam (and these posts are public and do searchable by Google), but sure, you can email the file to that address.

Just a follow up, it turns out that Panorama X imports permanent variables from Panorama 6 just fine – David hadn’t noticed that the variables were actually empty in Panorama 6. So that’s one less thing for all of us to worry about!

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