Database is Corrupted by Custom Menu

I was correcting errors in procedures of a imported Pan6 database. I closed the database and reopened it. My custom Records menu now appears repeatedly in the PanoramaX menu. It appears that a line ;menuenable is still active and corrupts PanX. Removing the menuenable statements once the database is corrupted does not correct the problem.

What is a menuenable statement? I don’t know of any such statement.

What do you mean by Records menu appears repeatedly in the Panorama X menu? Does that mean twice, 3 times, 99 times? And are you saying that this actually appears in the menu that includes About Panorama X, Check for Updates, etc.? I don’t know of any way to modify that menu even on purpose.

If you could provide more information about this, it would hopefully assist in tracking this down.

@dave it appears that you linked this to the previous thread about permanent variables, but I’m not sure what you had in mind when you did that. Custom menus normally don’t involve permanent variables.

James originally wrote his post as a reply in that other topic, and began his post with

This probably is the wrong place for this but…

I moved it to a topic of its own, and removed that first line, because it was no longer in the wrong place. The forum creates that link automatically. I didn’t create it.

Thanks Dave. I was sure you had a good reason – I was hoping it would be a reason that might shed some light on the original problem (like maybe you had already figured it out :slight_smile: , no such luck I guess).

Dave pointed out to me that menuenable was a statement in Panorama 6 for working with resourced based menus. My bad, I should have remembered that or at least looked in the Panorama 6 Help. However, this still leaves me puzzled – if @jasjr is using menuenable that is for use with resource based menus (created with ResEdit). Resource based menus don’t work at all in Panorama X – if you were using them you will have to completely rewrite all of your custom menus using the “new” Live Menu system (introduced with Panorama 4, so not all that new). But using the old system shouldn’t corrupt anything, the code simply isn’t there, it should do nothing. So still waiting to hear more details from the original poster @jasjr.

I probably never should have sent that, but it was such an odd behavior. Working more with PanX, newer versions of my database do not have the problem and I do not know why. So it is probably not worth your time. In the hope that it will transmit, I am including a screenshot for your information: