Panorama X 10.2.0 b20 Build 3789 Release Notes

A new version is now available. If you’ve already installed b18 or later, you can simply choose Panorama>Check for Updates to install this update. If Panorama isn’t currently running, it will automatically offer to download b20 when you launch PanoramaX. (Note: Even if you manually installed a previous version of b20, you should download and install this release, which is the final b20 release.)

If you haven’t installed b18 yet, you’ll have to use the Download Assistant as described in this previous post.

The primary purpose of the b20 release is to fix form display problems that were introduced in the b19 release.

  • Form objects outside of a tab panel now update properly when the underlying data (field or variable) changes.
  • The Relational Workshop wizard works correctly (this was actually the same tab panel problem, as this workshop contains a tab panel).
  • Extensive revision to low level form code, which hopefully will address random crashes with deleting objects, tab panels, and web browser objects. Since these crashes could not be reliably reproduced it’s impossible to conclusively state that the problems are fixed, but code problems that could have caused these crashes were found and fixed.
  • Fixed issue that could cause display of “phantom” objects on forms with a tab panel, and that sometimes would appear after using a form object constructor (especially the calendar constructor).
  • Fixed pop-up text editing in forms, it now updates the database correctly when editing is finished (this was a new problem in either b18 or b19).
  • The lineitemarray( function no longer strips out empty elements in the middle of the array (empty elements on the end are still stripped off).
  • Fixed the SuperGetText caption options.
  • Additional instrumentation added when performing a fill in a shared database, and the fillsync statement (used internally) now throws an error if it is passed invalid data.

Now on to b21!

Hi Jim,
I regret to tell you that I’m not finding the same improved stability that others have reported with the last 2 upgrades. I’m crashing frequently. In the past, if I’ve been trying to do something that repeatedly caused crashes, I could distract Panorama by doing something completely different for a bit, and then coming back to do the same thing. Now it seems much harder to distract it into forgetting its nonsense (I guess that’s a sort of improved stability). I think you get logs of our crashes, so I guess you can see how much trouble I’m having?
One reproducible issue at the moment is trying to edit data. If I edit something from a form, I can often, but not always, only change data in one text object, then it freezes and won’t move on. I can change to the data sheet, and be able to change the data - unless the field has a multi choice drop down option, in which case it (always) records my choice, but freezes in this state, with me unable to move off that field or do anything else. If I bring another form to the front, it will appear, but if I go back to the data sheet it is still the same. If I close and reopen the data sheet, it will appear as normal, but the same thing recurs if I try to change the same field. I can get around this by using the morph field to change data…
One advantage of the manual downloads was that I could easily choose a previous version to use if I was having trouble with an update. Not sure how that works with the automatic system - but I would probably go back 2 upgrades and have more stability (although no doubt I’d miss some of this nice improvements at the same time).

On that subject - Do I have to report the crash to Apple (when given the option) for you to find out its happened, or is that a separate process? I only send about 1 in 10 to Apple…

Interestingly, this seemed to open clearer under High Sierra than under Big Sur. With High Sierra, I got a download progress bar and then the install button along with install and relaunch - everything as expected.

With Big Sur, the progress bar color was different, There was a message I needed to dismiss about some “object”, and - thought this could have just been a timing issue - I had to click the “download” a second time to bring up the “Install and relaunch”.

It’s all fine now, but the update process was definitely different under those to OS’s.

I’m sure we can hardly wait for Monterey :slight_smile:

It’s easier now than it was before. See Older Versions on the Updating Panorama X help page.

Of course if you go back to an update older than b18, you won’t be able to use the automatic update system to upgrade again.

No, you don’t. In fact, I’m not sure, but it may be that if you send it to Apple we don’t get it.

I tested this on a Big Sur computer last night. Did not encounter the problems you describe.

On one Big Sur computer to all went as expected. On another I got the message below when the download seemed to be completed. When I clicked OK the download window just sat there,. I clicked on the Download link again and it offered to Install and Relaunch, which it did without further issues. On El Capitan it worked just fine.

Your screenshot doesn’t show it, but I think you must have clicked on another window while the download was in progress. I think Paul did that also. I reviewed the code, clicking on another window would definitely cause this problem. After seeing this I realize that someone could even close the update window after starting the download! which would also cause problems. I think I have fixed both of these problems, but you won’t really see the fix working until you do upgrades from b21 to b22 (since the next time you do an upgrade you will still be using the b20 code, which doesn’t have the fix).