Panorama X 10.2.0 b13 Build 3609 Release Notes

I’m not finished with this round of bug fixes, but there are enough important fixes to put out a release now rather than waiting another week or more. Remember – the beta versions will NOT update automatically. You must download the new release from the link below and then drag it into your Applications folder (or wherever you want it). Of course be sure to quit the previous version of Panorama before dragging the new version into place.

Remember that If you are using macOS 10.15 Catalina or 10.16 Big Sur, a special step is needed the first time you run a new preview version. Because this preliminary version of Panorama X is not notarized, these versions of macOS will refuse to run it if you double click on it. Instead, you must right click on it and choose Open from the pop-up menu. This is only necessary the first time you run the new beta version after downloading. After the first time, you can open Panorama normally by double clicking on it or by double clicking on any Panorama database file.

If you are currently running Panorama X Server, you can update it by following these steps:

  • Start by updating
  • Launch Panorama X
  • Open the Preferences dialog, switch to the Server pane
  • If Panorama X Server is running, stop it
  • Start Panorama X Server. It will automatically update before launching.

The changes in this release are:

  • Fixed the problem that sometimes caused Panorama to use 100% CPU usage after launching.
  • Fixed the problem that some users would have to quit and relaunch to see the content of the Live Course Calendar.
  • New statement addrelatedrecord adds a new record to a related database.
  • Fixed the postrelated statement.
  • The related( function and joinonerecord statement now work correctly if the match is the first record in the target database.
  • In the database relation panel, the Test Keys button now works when the current database is shared.
  • Join operations no longer throw an error if there is an empty subset formula.
  • The Relations panel is now smarter about what it considers to be a line item field. It will only treat a field as a line item field if that field is part of a sequence starting with 1, for example Qty1, Qty2, Qty3, etc. If the sequence does not start with 1, for example FY18, FY19, FY20, FY21 then the fields are treated as ordinary fields.
  • There is a new menu command Hide Line Item Fields makes it easy to get line items out of the way when working in the data sheet. This command only appears in the Field menu if the database has line items. This command is recordable, and there is also a new hidelineitemfields statement.
  • The Database Options dialog no longer allows you to expand it, revealing large swaths of empty white area. Now the dialog is fixed size as was intended.
  • The Auxiliary panel of the Database Options dialog now uses the full width of the window for the text caption at the top. A long database name can still cause the text to cut off, but not until the entire width of the window is used.
  • The Database Options dialog will now never initially open to the Relations panel. If the Relations panel had been open, it will open to the General panel. This is necessary because of unfixable graphics artifacts when opening to the Relations panel.
  • The AddRemoteHost statement now automatically adds http:// if no protocol is specified. So adding a remote host without a protocol no longer causes a crash.
  • Eliminated Panorama startup error that would occur if user’s unix user name has a space in it.
  • Installing PanoramaX.cgi should now work even if the unix user name has a space in it.
  • Fixed the ability to start/stop Apache from the Panorama preference panel.
  • Now displays a more specific error message if you try to open an instrumentation log in BBEdit but the log file doesn’t exist.
  • The pop-up buttons in the Preference>Logging panel now give you access to the most recent log file in each category, even if different categories have the most recent log on different days. Also now properly checks to see if the log folder exists, instead of just generating a standard procedure error.
  • When constructing line items, now only the first line item gets a formula or procedure code. The rest are left empty to make it easier to change later.
  • Added new formula options for examining line item fields. The dbinfo( function has two new options, “lineitemfields” and “lineitemroots” that list line item fields. The getfieldproperties( function returns an additional data item, LINEITEM, that contains the root name of a line item field (without the numeric suffix), or empty text for fields that are not line items. Note that not all fields with a numeric suffix are considered line item fields. To be considered a line item field, there must be a field with the same root name and a suffix of 1. For example Year17, Year18, Year19, Year20 would not be considered line items unless there was also a Year1 field (Year01 would not count).
  • In the ConstructFormDataEditors statement and dialog, fixed generation of pop-up menu objects. (This was broken when the popupediting option was added.)
  • No longer lists duplicate curriculums in the Panorama Video Training window.
  • Added Open Vimeo Player Configuration window to the Panorama Video Training wizard. This makes it easy to disable the OPUS codec to get audio working with recent Vimeo videos.

I think that is a pretty good list for 6 days of work.

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Agreed, but you seem to make that kind of production a habit.

Panorama X 10.2.0 b13 seems to crash less frequently in macOS 11.2.0 Big Sur than Panorama X 10.2.0 b12 when closing a Panorama database. Maybe that is just a coincidence or could that be related to your fix of the 100% CPU usage?

Probably unrelated.