Autojoin not doing anything?

Hi everyone. I’m trying to explore the relations panel and auto join features of Panorama X.2 which I think will transform my programmes (with a lot of work, but giving a lot of speed). I remember Jim said in the video that something wasn’t working in our version, but I thought it was the post between databases feature? Anyway, I wasn’t getting anywhere with my existing databases, so I created brand new ones with the templates for invoice and customers and products. I’ve set up relations between the invoice and customers, which is working to some degree because the autoclairvoyance on the key field works, but when I tab off the field, no data is brought in. I’ve tried automatic field recognition, manual field assignment, auto join checked in the dialog, and joinonerecord in the field code - still nothing. Do I need to wait for a programme update, or am I doing something incorrectly?

That was it, but since then I have uploaded a new version that fixes this.

It should work, there is no problem I know of with auto join.

If you checked auto-join in the dialog, you should NOT put a joinonerecord in the field code. However, doing so would simply cause it to do the join twice – not zero times as you are apparently experiencing.

Maybe you didn’t set up the data transfer fields? That would cause the symptoms you are describing. Though I think you are saying that you did do that.

If you still can’t get it to work, you’ll need to post more detailed information.

Not sure what extra information you might need?
I’ve only manually updated the programme once, and it is saying its the latest version. Am I meant to be manually checking somewhere else?
I tried auto join, and then joinonerecord, separately as you described in the help file.

You need to check the forum for release notes. The latest version is build 3609.

The release notes, and download link are at

I’m on 3575. I’ll get the latest version and see if that works better!!

Works like a charm. Not sure how I missed the updates. Sorry for the inconvenience.