Not Authorized message and quit

It is only supposed to check once when it starts up. So this is a bug.

Okay. Thanks.

We are experiencing this same bug. The message comes up saying we are not authorized to use PanX 10.2.b13. Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 11.08.02 AM

The only option is to Quit. This error message is random and can occur at any time during a session.

I think I got this when I installed 10.2 beta on my new computer (I am trying to do a very clean installation), and there was no way that I could install my account with that computer, other than temporarily installing 10.1.

Bruce, I know what you are taking about, but this error is different. When I first startup PanX 10.2 I get notified that I am authorized to use this version of Panorama. However, within 10 minutes of use, I get the Not Authorized notification. It forces me to quit and restart. This has been so prevalent today that the software is unusable. So now we wait until this can be fixed.

@panaca, could you please verify that you are using Panorama X 10.2.0 b13 Build 3609, which was uploaded last week? This version includes a change intended to address this problem. If you are still experiencing this with this latest version, then there must be some additional problem that I am unaware of.

Yes, we are running Build 3609 on our three test machines which includes a server. All three test machines are logged onto the same beta account. I am wondering if we need a beta account for each test machine.

You do not need separate accounts for each computer. We have ten computers on the same account without a problem.

Thanks for the reply. We are trying to eliminate any potential problems.

We are running Build 3609, but have not seen the error today. Our fingers are crossed, and we are moving forward. Much thanks!

I am also periodically being told I don’t have authorisation. It sounds a bit different to what is happening above because it always happens within a couple of minutes of restarting Panorama (usually due to having crashed). When it starts happening, it can happen repeatedly and (as described above) make continuing to work impossible. Sometimes I am politely offered the opportunity to save, sometimes I am just shut down. Anything I have done in the couple of minutes seems to be preserved. If there was a quick fix you could share with us on this forum (because I guess accessing this part of the forum means we are authorised) it would be very helpful. It can be a bit scary not being able to work on your tax returns when its due within 24 hours!!!

No, the one has nothing to do with the other. Well it does from a “policy” standpoint, but from a technical perspective, these are two completely separate systems.

I don’t have any wisdom on this other than to check to make sure you are running build 3609, the latest version.

Although Panorama X 10.2 seems to be working quite well, it is a pre-release beta version with all that entails. If you have a critical application, you should probably consider using Panorama X 10.1 for that, especially if you have a 24 hour deadline. It’s quite possible to have both Panorama X 10.1 and 10.2 installed on the same computer, in fact you can even run them both at the same time.

Yes, I’m on the 3609 build.
Point taken about the beta version - and I know I shouldn’t - but the features it offers are so exciting I couldn’t resist. I’m sure if push came to shove I could complete what needed to be done on the old version!!

I believe that is what lawyers (at least here in the US) call an “attractive nuisance” :rofl:

We are running Build 3609 on three machines. Quite strange to observe that one of my client computers cannot function on 10.2 beta as it is getting a constant error message that it is not authorized. We only have three machines running the 10.2 beta version. The primary machine that I am using seems to be behaving well regarding the authorization. Our third machine is the dedicated server.

Yesterday and today I have had repeated ‘You are not authorized’ error messages within seconds/minutes of starting up Panorama 10.2 and opening a file. I do first get the ‘You are authorized’ but then moments later, I get the 2nd ‘You are not authorized’. Upon acknowledging the ‘You are not authorized’ message, Panorama quits. A restart of Panorama may succeed or it may not. No pattern noticed yet.

We have not been plagued by the “You are not authorized” error as in the past. I am assuming that some fix has occurred on the Provue server doing the authorizing. However, today we did get the error one time only. After a re-start, we had not problem keeping Panorama running the rest of the day.

We have been running two of our three test machines on 10.2. Most things are working pretty well. We have now started a third machine up, and for some reason got the error “You are not authorized” followed by an automated quit. The bottom line is that this error, although not as frequent as in the past, still seems to occur occasionally without reason.

Still getting the Account Not Authorized within a minute of starting up Panorama X. It had moments before said all was good, the it Quit.


Not Authorized

Happens moments after reopening Panorama after an Unexpected Quit. The dialog appears, I press Quit, Panorama Quits.
To resolve this, I restart Panorama and all appears fine.