No Duplicates allows duplicates

Setting a text field to No Duplicates via the Field Properties dialog does not prevent new records from having text entered that is a duplicate of a previous record’s text in that field.

That’s issue #167

The interface is there, but the feature hasn’t been implemented yet.

Is this any closer to resolution?

This is hard to believe. Just when I think I like Pan X this happens. I was going to create a topic about “No Duplicates” not working or worse yet not saving. Has it taken a year and this important feature has not been fixed?

Still not working Sept 2020

The comments on BitBucket issue #167, linked upthread, show this was resolved as of 2/2020. However, those fixes, and presumably many others, aren’t yet publicly released. All are presumably awaiting Server working well enough for public release.

I don’t use Server, but understand many have their livelihood tied up in it. Apple advances make getting Panorama X Server urgent, but the nature of what now runs on Classic Server makes getting it to run right critical. Getting it good enough before release avoids support nightmares for Jim. So we non-Server folks wait for our candy until the bread and butter is ready for our Server friends.

Until the fixed version of Panorama X is released, there are workarounds for this problem, that have been discussed in other threads.

Gary Yonaites proposed to enter the following code into the Code property of the input field. His solution imitates Pan 6’s behaviour closely.


if arraycontains(listchoices(info("fieldname"),¶,2),«»,¶) and «» ≠ ""
    alertcancelok "Warning: You are attempting to enter a
duplicate value. Click Ok to add anyway, or
Cancel to re-edit cell."
    if info("dialogtrigger") = "Cancel"