Multiple Text List Objects on Same Form Same DB

Is it illegal to have more than one Text List Object on the same form and same DB using Database Navigator albeit with different Query code for each TLO? I have a file that has such, and the file is misbehaving in at least three ways. 1) A simple procedure fails after adding a new record or shortly thereafter. 2) The data in the datasheet is not updating properly. 3) The file refused to close and PanX fails to Quit with the Quit command.

You might try populating one of the text lists with an array rather than using Database Navigator. I wonder if that would resolve your issues.

Apparently so. It may not be documented, but Jim says that the two lists will fight, and cause problems. Crash caused by editing in form with two text lists
It can relatively easy to fix (in my limited experience) by turning off the database navigator feature so that only one list has it. There is a small loss of function, but at least it starts adding records correctly.
Hope this helps.