Crash caused by editing in form with two text lists

After upgrading to the new beta version [b18 (3745)], I found that editing a simple text editor object caused a crash quite reliably on a form that also had two text list objects, both having the database navigator turned on (they had different selection criteria). Switching to a form with only one text list cured the problem, so I suspect the issue is with the second list. It is also related to another file, but I don’t think that’s the problem either. This was not an issue with any of the previous versions of Panorama.
I know one answer to this problem is “well, don’t do that!” It would be nice to know one way or another what works in what is no doubt an edge case.
I have a modified version of this that I could send if it’s helpful.
Thanks for your consideration, and for all the improvements.

You definitely should never have two database navigator lists visible at the same time – they will fight each other. Of course it shouldn’t crash, but even if it doesn’t, it’s not really going to work.

Ok. That’s clear. For what it’s worth, they must have been fighting very quietly, as the form has been working fine for a couple of years until now. Selecting an item in either object caused the selection to update in the other.
However, this is Panorama. There are other ways to do what I was trying to do, so I’ll just move on.
Thanks for the quick reply.