Moving Panorama X to a New Machine

Hello Jim,

I finally gave in and bought a new Mac Mini M1. I’d like to transfer Pano X and all my databases but I only found a Pano X trial version to download.
How do I make that download permanent with my licence number (which I can not find anywhere)?



There is no license number to be found. Choose Site License… from the PanoramaX menu, then click the Log On tab, and enter your email and password.

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Thanks Dave, meanwhile I discovered the possibility to log-in to my existing account and everything started to flow.
At first I had overlooked this in the hassle of transferring different software under often different requirements to a new computer.

I’m also transferring my V6 .pan at a new Air M1. I’m hopping a ride on this thread as I have yet to find the “New Topic” button. Not only that, but one of my files which left the mini 6,1 in perfect working order, when open on the new machine, shows signs of being displayed at a summary level instead of data level. AND I find NO (old, familiar) “Remove All Summaries” menu item.

This one file is the last thing I need, before making the full-time jump to the new machine. And this one Forum button is all that I need to get help of any sort. A snag in the app and a snag in the Forum.

Looking forward to safely crossing the street to PanX.


In Panorama X all summary fields are displayed with a green background. If your database has summary fields, you find the menu command in the menu Field > Analyse > Remove All Summaries.

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