Missing Menu Items

I had begun working on a new procedure and, after a couple weeks delay, went to go back to it, but noticed that at least the “View” pull-down menu is missing from all of my panorama data bases. I’m not sure if any others are missing as well, since I have nothing with which to compare the menu my current data bases. The menu items I do have are: Panorama X, File, Edit, Records, Search, Field, Action, Window and Help. How can I restore the missing menu items?

This is probably your problem…

Great. I’ll see about that and hopefully be back in business. Thanks.

It worked!! Hurrah! I’ve never intentionally logged off. Is there a way to stay logged on? Or, how do I avoid logging off? Thanks.

Normally you should always stay logged in. Your login info is saved in your Preferences.

But yesterday I found myself being logged off, too — already the third time this year.

When this happens to me, I have no chance to log in again (“Could not connect to activation server”) except I delete Pan X’s preference file. I really am wondering what keeps damaging my preference file …

Attention: In case of replacing the .plist file you have to have your login data at hand, and you will have to redo some of your preference settings.

Thanks for this. I hope it won’t come to having to delete the preference file. We’ll see. Thanks again.