Matrix problems

Is anyone having trouble with Matrix Objects? I’m in OS 10.14.5… Pan X is v. 10.1.2 (2854).

In a new database file, I create a Matrix and frame object using the Constructor, and it works. I have a Text Display object in the Matrix Frame, simply showing a text field from my database, and I stuck an Oval in the frame as well. Pass Thru is ON. But…

  1. The special object properties sub-panel eventually goes blank. The only way I’ve found to restore it is to quit and relaunch Pan X (a pain, of course). This happens repeatedly after working with a matrix object on a form, say for 5 minutes or so. When it happens, the sub-panel still works fine for other objects.

  2. Renaming the Matrix Frame object causes the Matrix to stop working (nothing displayed). Of course, I put the new name into the Obj. Name field in the Matrix sub-panel, but it never connects. Reseting the Frame object name to “Matrix Frame” and placing that name into the Obj. Name field does NOT restore the connection. But CLEARING the field does restore it, and the Matrix works again.

  3. In addition, the pop-down menu for the Obj. Name field does not work at all. It always shows one blank line.

  1. I don’t know anything about that.

  2. & 3. I cannot duplicate that problem. Here’s a screen shot, I took a matrix frame with no name, changed the name to “Book Frame”, then went to the Matrix object and the Book Frame name appeared in the pop-up menu. I selected it and everything works.

By the way, it’s not necessary to give the frame object a name unless you want to use two or more matrix objects on a single form. If there is only one matrix and one matrix frame, it will work automatically.

Reseting the Frame object name to “Matrix Frame”

That’s not a reset – the object name is normally empty. I’m guessing the problem here is that you aren’t correctly setting the object name of the Matrix Frame.

I have problem 1 almost always when working on matrixes, applying to both the matrix and data sub-panels, but it seems to occur after using the matrix sub-panel.

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