Text Editor options panel goes blank?

Just updated to the 10.2 beta, and now the Text Editor options sub-panel has gone blank! Relaunching Panorama fixes it. This is reproducible as follows:

Open a file with a Form visible
Switch to Graphics Mode
Select an object
View the Options sub-panel
Switch to Data Mode
Switch to Graphics Mode
Select a same-type object
The sub-panel is blank.

I have just tested this with Text Editor, Text Display, Matrix, and Tile objects. Once the sub-panels go blank, I can only fix them by relaunching Panorama.

The workaround seems to be: DESELECT all objects (click in an empty area) BEFORE switching to Data Mode.

I’m on OS 10.14.5

I could not duplicate this problem. I tried it on macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and on 10.16 (Big Sur).

There have been a couple of reports of a blank sub-panel before, so I think there is a problem, but it’s not generally as easily reproducible as it seems to be for you. I also believe the other users were able to clear up the problem by closing and re-opening the form, relaunching Panorama was not required.