Are Numeric Output Patterns different in Panorama X?

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I’m switching to a new topic since this new question has nothing to do with View-As-List forms.

I cannot duplicate what you are saying. Using the formula wizard, I typed in this formula:


The result was $6000.00.

Then I changed the formula to:


Now the result was $6,000.00, just as it should be.

Huh? Why would it display as $60? It would display as $6,000, which is what it still does.

Perhaps there is something happening in your database that you are not telling us?

Back in Pan6 when I entered a monetary amount of dollars and cents using the $#,.## format I would not have to enter the decimal point. With the intention of entering the value of $###.##, I could enter the numbers ##### without inserting a decimal point and it would appear in the table as $###.## . It was very convenient not have to type in the decimal point. With PanX this option of entry seems not to be available. Yes I can easily train myself to type in the decimal point.

That was a feature of the money data type, not the output pattern. If you had used the two digits data type instead, you would have had to type the decimal point. Panorama X doesn’t have the money data type, or two digits, or any fixed point data type, other than integer.