How to relate two different db's

I need help

I’m a new user of Panorama and I have the X version installed.

How to work around relating two db’s for example one is a db of companies and the other is a db of contacts. How to do in Forms through a same field (for example company) how i could relate and show the several contacts available for every company?

Sorry surely this will be very simple but I could not found any thing related.

Thank you in advance

To display this in a form I would probably use a Text List or Matrix object. There should probably be a help topic specifically describing how to do this, but unfortunately there isn’t so far. However, Text List Database Integration is a good place to start.

The only difference is that you’ll want to specify a different database instead of the current database, which is done in the inspector panel. Also, when using a different database you shouldn’t link the list to the current record.

Hmm, I see that linking to another database is mentioned in Text List Constructor. You just have to add the <database:> tag to the constructor with the name of the database you want to link to.

Using the Constructor menu is a big help in setting up forms, I always use the constructor when initially setting up a Text List or Matrix object.

Hi Jim,

In the examples displayed about Text List object, it lacks some important

You relate the Text List object with the database but, what I need to do,
is to show in the Text List only the records related with an specific
Company and not all the Companies included in the databse.

Could you please send to me an example?

Thank you in advance


Ricardo Granados Dávila

I’m afraid I don’t have an example available at this time. However, you’ve given me an idea for making this even a bit easier to do. I’ve added it to the issue list, along with a note that a new help page is needed with a good explanation of how to do this.

In the meantime, you might find the help pages for superlookup( and arraybuild( helpful.