Duplicating records are not duplicating

An invoice database has a field that contains a list of items, separated by returns, that were sold which is displayed on a matrix. In Panorama 6, if I copy a record and paste the record, all of the items are transferred. In Panorama X, only the first line comes over. In other words, an invoice with 6 items, when copied and pasted, only has 1.

I fixed the problem by loading the items to a variable and pasting the variable to the field after pasting the record. Is this a bug or is it supposed to work that way?

My guess is, the return in the list stopped the action. For fun, replace the “return” (CR, LF, etc.) with a % sign - some non-critical character - just to see what will happen.

Whether Bug or “Supposed to…” Someone else will have to answer.

It is not supposed to work that way. However, in my tests it does not work that way.

I just now created a record that contained a cell with multiple lines, and I had no problem using copyrecord and pasterecord – all of the lines were included in the duplicate copy, not just the first line.

Actually, I found a mention of this issue from six years ago.

There was a bug report generated for this:

The report says this was fixed in 2016, and in my tests this evening it definitely works.

I’m assuming you are using the copyrecord and pasterecord statements? Or the Copy Record and Paste Record commands in Records menu? In my tests it also works if you use the Duplicate Record command.

Weird. If I copy the items field and paste it into Word, I get 6 items separated by returns, as expected. If I use Copy Record and Paste Record from the Records menu, I get 6 items separated but returns, as expected. If I use the copyrecord and pasterecord statements in a procedure I get 6 items separated by a left arrow with a hook which looks like a Unicode 21A9 character. That explains why my Matrix doesn’t display properly until I use a variable to get what I want.

That is very weird, the same code is used by copyrecord/pasterecord and the menu items. And both of those options worked identically in my tests.