"Dialog program error"

Today whenever I print a procedure in a Pan X file, it appears to finish doing everything I expected (i.e., print the procedure), but I get this error after pressing the Print button:

“Dialog program error - dialog will be aborted”

As far as I can tell this error has a trivial effect, if any, but i’m sure it represents an unexpected outcome.

To help confuse the issue, now that I am writing this report it has stopped giving the error when I print a procedure. It may start again.

I can’t duplicate this problem. It is very puzzling though – the error message you list is part of the RunDialog statement, but that statement is not used when printing a procedure (the dialog that appears is a standard Apple dialog, not a Panorama based dialog).

I’m assuming your are choosing Print from the File menu. In looking into this, I realized that the Print One Record menu item should not appear when a procedure window is active. That is not a potential cause of the problem you are reporting, however, just a cosmetic issue. I have filed an issue, though.


Yeah, it stopped happening to me after a few incidents. I was just doing Command-P to print them, after I started seeing the error I tried different approaches, like File>Print which didn’t cause the message, but after that Command-P didn’t either. It certainly looked like a standard Apple dialog. It was strange that the error message would come after what appeared to be a completely successful execution. I’ll keep an eye out.

To follow up on this issue. I designed a form for printing a pdf file. When I am in that form, select File, select Print and by the time I select PDF, Pan X icon bounces around in my down in my tray and the following dialog message comes up behind the Pan X windows.

I can view the PDF file, nothing crashes and I can go on with whatever I am doing. Jim, this is the same file I think I sent you, but not sure if I already had the form created.


I’ve sometimes seen this, too.
Bill Conable

I have been getting this when I select a set of records in the sheet, open a new form and print them. So this is still active.

Hmmm. Sounds familiar…at least the “dialog program error” part.

I rarely print from Panorama X, but have just been printing a lot of forms. I get this dialog program error every time and then it takes me to some other open window. Printing does happen as expected, but there’s clearly something that needs to be fixed and I’m not the only one seeing this. I notice from the thread that it happens to people in various printing situations: procedures, forms, pdfs. Very busy right now, but I’ll try to provide more information in a few days if needed.

Still happening every time I print from PanX. Now that the program is public I anticipate more people will run into it…

Spoke too soon, just printed 3 forms without problem after seeing it twice in a row. Hmm.

I now often get this error message when printing a procedure:


The procedure prints OK so it’s not a great bother.

But it is a bother, I think. Here’s a place that it shows up:

field «Home Group»
field Faculty
openform "Home Groups"
print dialog
call "Return to Normal"
Message "All done!"

This runs just fine up until the print dialog line. I get the print dialog, go ahead with the printing, then get the error message above, OK it, and the last 2 lines of the procedure aren’t executed.

I am getting it when I open a form and print it, not using a procedure.