Database is damagedI have just downloaded

I have just downloaded PanoramaX 10.2.0.b18(3745)and opened it from my application folder.
When I try to open my database I get the message The document “pakuranga (Panorama 6) (original) copy” could not be opened. The database is damaged (data.plist).
Although reverting back and opening PanoramaX2 it all works fine opening up from the dropbox copy.

How can I get this to open and run in the latest version just downloaded?

The new b18 release has a new database integrity feature (described in the release notes – everyone should read them!) Each time a database is opened, Panorama checks it to see if it is damaged. If it is, you’ll see an error message and Panorama won’t open the database.

You mention “the dropbox copy”, which makes me think you are storing the database in your Dropbox folder. That may be the source of the damage. This could especially happen if a database has been modified on another computer and Dropbox hasn’t completely synchronized it yet.

You can disable the integrity check, which would allow you to open your database. Of course then you run the risk of Panorama not checking for damaged databases, which may cause other problems.

Do you mean Panorama X 10.1.2? If you are still using this older version, you should disable integrity checks. The latest b18 version saves an “integrity seal” as part of the database to allow it to detect virtually any kind of damage. But the older version doesn’t know anything about the integrity seal. If you use an older version after saving with the b18 version, the integrity seal won’t get updated when the older version makes changes. Then when you go back to the b18 version it will think the file is damaged, That’s another possibility for what caused your problem. Unless you have a very strong reason, I would recommend not using older versions of Panorama X once you have installed the b18 version. Just use only the b18 (or newer version) all the time.

Hi Jim - thank you for your response very much appreciated.
The version I was using prior to downloading the latest version was 10.2.0.b12 (3575). Should I disable the Integrity checks in this version or just scrap the previous version and disable it in the latest version once it has opened, and maybe after that switch it back on again once I am all up and running with the latest version.

There should be no problem opening a database that was saved with the b12 version, or any other earlier version.

The problem will occur if you open a database in b18, save it, then open and modify it in any earlier version, whether 10.0, 10.1, or 10.2b16 or earlier. If you never go back to an earlier version, you’ll have no problem.

At this point, you’ll need to disable integrity checks to get this particular database to open in b18. If you plan to keep using an earlier version as well as b18, you should leave integrity checks turned off. If you’re going to stick with b18, you can turn the checks on again after you’ve opened the database. Or you can leave them turned off and forego that protection.

Great - thanks again - I will follow your recommendation and work only with the lates version.
I do appreciate you taking the time to respond personally. Thank you once again - Regards Wally L