Choice field window does't work

I use a choice field for the Category field in my bLedger file. It includes the 30 some categories on my Schedule F. Pan 6 allowed the window to be widened to display multiple columns. Pan X only allows 1 column with no scroll bar so you can’t see what’s there.

Multicolumn lists were a great, pre-OSX, feature which Apple chose not to bring of forward into OSX. I don’t recall if it lasted until the end of support for pre-OSX apps. So they couldn’t be included in PanX. You’ll need to code a different way to present and input your list of choices.

Actually this wasn’t an Apple feature, it was part of Panorama’s code. But it was very complicated to implement, and most users only used a handful of choices (which was what it was intended for) so it wasn’t included in Panorama X. (And those of you that used this for dozens or hundreds of choices, yes, I know there are a few of you out there.)

I find choices pretty useless in Panorama X because of the lack of scrolling and that the choice does not automatically go to the first alphabetical choice.

You might want to look into the ability to pop-up a menu when you click on a cell.

See also this old thread which I revived just over a year ago:

My own pop-up solution has moved on quite a bit since then, but it’s very easy to come up with something simple which is a huge improvement on the default choice palette.