Can't work offline with Panorama X

When I log off, any db is immediately frozen. I can still scroll up and down whatever was selected, nothing else (no “find” or select for example).
Is it a new modality, or do I have a specific pb ? I thought it was possible to work without an internet connection, should be the same as to be logged off ?

Perhaps you should just not do that: deactivate the network while databases are open. I just tested offline use of Pan X: Pan X opens databases without any issues offline, and the databases are acting normally.

You must be logged on. PX keeps track of your use and reports it in when you do have a connection; it couldn’t do that if it didn’t know who was using it. This is indeed a new modality, Jim has invented a rather original licensing scheme.

Where do you select an option “offline” ? Except by physically unplugging ?

You have to be logged in to your Panorama account, that’s true, but you can use Panorama X offline. The Pan X Help says:

Using Panorama X Offline

Panorama X normally contacts the ProVUE server periodically to track usage and maintain account security. If a computer is not connected to the internet, Panorama will continue to function normally for up to 16 active hours. Once this limit has been exceeded, Panorama will interrupt you every few minutes to remind you that an internet connection is needed. You can defer making a connection and continue working, but the interruptions will become more frequent the more times you defer. You will never be denied access to your data, however.

Note that by 16 active hours we don’t mean 16 hours in a row, but 16 cumulative hours of actual Panorama use. So if you are only using Panorama for an hour a day, you could go over two weeks without an internet connection before Panorama would start complaining.

Thanks a lot, KJM, I do appreciate the time spent. Forgive me if I’m a bit slow, I’m not a native speaker. So sometimes it’a a bit hard for me to get what goes on. Right now, I just can’t figure how to get a Pan X command or menu allowing me to choose “offline”. Except by unplugging the box. I mean, when I use Safari, Firefox etc., on the File menu I can choose “work offline”. Can I do this on Pan X ? And how ?

“Offline” simply means: No network (LAN / WLAN) connected. Unplug your Ethernet cable or deactivate WLAN in your menu bar. But that’s not Panorama-specific, that’s the system’s network connection.

If a user is wireless, they can choose ‘Turn Wi-Fi Off’ in the menu bar, they can lose their Wi-Fi hotspot signal, or the can have a tethered phone’s move out of range or turn off.

I am not clear on how Panorama reacts to losing a network connection.

Robert Ameeti

I’ve upgraded recently from “Mac OS X 3000 BC” to El Capitan. On the former, I’d been obliged to summon the local Jim Rea, to create an online/offline command in the apple menu.

In the upgrading, I lost the command… except that now it’s a standard one. A bit surprised Apple do not list new features more clearly.

Sorry for the noise, everything ok now.

From what RAmeeti wrote, I guess I’ll have a few more surprises when I upgrade to 10.12.