Pan X relaunched won't reconnect

I have a similar problem to that of mars 2017 (" Can’t work offline with Panorama X

This time, after forcing to quit and then re-launching Panorama, I get the puzzle (“more than 16 hrs” etc… which actually is not the case). Sometimes I cannot re-organize the puzzle (everything is frozen), sometimes I can but “Check network” button won’t work. Instead, it triggers a message : “Resume statement failed (no pause)”

I guess this happens after using a proxy on one session, while Pan X open on another session. Won’t do it again… but how can I fix this. All db unavailable.

Solved by re-starting computer. Any other solution welcome.

I don’t know what “proxy on one session” means. Perhaps if you can explain that I might be able to figure out what is happening.

the right word must be “users”. You know, when you start the computer, you can choose between “james”, “julia”… Each “user”, if this is the right term, can be admin, guest, etc.

One user (or is it “user account” ?) is dedicated to testing software. I’ve noticed that after testing proxys or vpn, when I switch back to the main “user”, soft like mail or firefox don’t respond anymore. I must re-launch them. Because of the change of ip ?.
With Panorama on the main account, sometimes it doesn’t change anything, sometimes I get the problem.
Hope it’s clear, i sometimes miss the technical english terms.

When you set up separate users on your computer, each user has their own separate preferences. This includes your Panorama login information. So for each user account that you set up, you’ll need to open the Panorama X Site License window and log in with your email address and password. You won’t be charged anything extra for using multiple accounts, but if you don’t log in, Panorama X will think you don’t have an account.

You are mentioning that you are using different network settings on different accounts, for example using a vpn or proxy. I don’t know anything about that, I wasn’t actually aware that different user accounts could have different network settings. I would have assumed that network settings were global across all user accounts – but I’m not an expert on that subject, so you’ll have to look elsewhere for answers on that topic.