Can't duplicate a database in v0.9.003

When I choose File>Duplicate, i get the error message,

“Unsaved PanoramaX Document” could not be handled because PanoramaX cannot open files in the “folder” format.

The file HAS been saved, in fact this problem arises even if I quit Panorama X, open a file and choose Duplicate.

I reported this earlier at Panorama cannot open files in the "folder" format and I thought it would be fixed by now.

File>Duplicate works fine for me, whether on an existing database or a new untitled one. I think I tried it before when you mentioned this and it worked then also. Since no one else has reported this I didn’t add it to the bug list.

It works here fine, too. I used it yesterday to create a database copy as a sample that I wanted to send to Jim for research about another bug.