Can't access training videos

I’ve been trying for the last few days to access the most recent Pan X.2 training videos, but am unable to find them in the menu. I’ve had trouble in the past, but selecting the drop down for last 7 or 30 days usually brought them into view. However, at the moment those searches both show up blank…

(By the way, I’m loving the “View Search” to find bits of programming I want to reproduce in new procedures. It’s saving me enormous amounts of time.)

Try Update Video List in the Video menu.

Also make sure that you are using the latest b15 beta release, the early beta releases could have a caching problem that sometimes prevented the list from updating.

I think 3656 is the latest release? Initially Update Video List didn’t seem to do anything, but I quit and reopened, and now have some videos showing. However, I’m waiting for Part 2 of the Short Programming Topics, and its still not there???

I’m not sure if 3656 is the latest, but it is pretty recent and will not have the video caching problem.

That video has been available for over a week, as shown below. And there is another video after that - Understanding the Run Loop.

This is what I’m seeing:

but if I remove the 30 day filter, and search ‘short’, look what I found???

I don’t know why you don’t see the most recent sessions when you have Last 30 Days selected. I cannot duplicate that, even if I switch my system time format to Australian.

I did have similar issues accessing these two most recent videos in Sydney, but in b15 just kept choosing options in the period (All years etc) button and curriculum buttons (Mastering 10.2 etc) over and over until the videos appeared on the list. It was very random.

Neither of those choices will cause the video list to refresh from the provue server. To get the list to refresh, you have three choices:

  1. Choose Update Video List from the Video menu.
  2. Choose Last 7 Days from the Years pop-up menu.
  3. Choose Last 30 Days from the Years pop-up menu.

There is no other menu or button that will cause the list to update.

I just restarted Panorama and tried it all again. None of your three choices produced the two latest videos, however after trying them in sequence and then choosing All years in the Years popup the two videos appeared. (After each choice I did wait for the list to refresh.)

Two days ago in Sydney, this was the same experience I am having now in New Zealand (albeit with a slower internet connection here).

With language and region preferences set for Australia, I can duplicate this. The videos that are listed don’t correspond to the selected time periods. Set for last 7 days I get this.

All those videos are more that a week old. Last 30 days displays the same list, with the last two videos still missing. Set for 2021 I get this.

Finally, If I set it for All Years, those last two videos show up.

I don’t think the problem is with getting the list to update. The problem is getting the list to display the correct time period.

That is very odd. I tried setting the region to Australia yesterday, and I just tried it again now. Unless I am somehow being really dense it works perfectly on my computer. Maybe it depends on what version of macOS is being used?

I’m using High Sierra 10.13.6

One other thought. After I changed my preferences back to United States, I found that I had to close and reopen the file to get it to start working correctly again. It wasn’t necessary to quit Panorama, but it was necessary to close the file.

Ok, I tried it on a High Sierra system and I was also able to duplicate the problem. Weird, but I guess that is a clue.

I haven’t come up with a fix yet, but I have found the root of the problem. The video training list definitely does not keep track of recording dates properly if the system settings are not set to U.S. date format. It’s not just the most recent videos, you’ll find that many older videos are also missing unless you select All Years.

I’m on Mojave 10.14.6

The problem turns out to have nothing to do with the operating system version. It worked on my development system because that system never downloads the updated video list from the server, it only uploads the updated video list. The problem occurs when the list of videos is downloaded from the server to your computer.

Because the problem involved downloading the uploaded video list from the server, it turns out I was able to fix the problem here on the server end. If you live in a country that uses a non-USA date format, open the Panorama Video Training window (from the Help menu) and choose Update Video List from the Video menu (you must do that now even if you’ve done it before). Once you do that, you should be able to correctly select videos by date – either by year, or for the last 7 days or last 30 days.

Yes, that works. Thank you.

Using PanX 10.2.0.b24 and Big Sur on Mac mini - in the USA. I’ve followed the instructions above, but either I don’t get any videos for All Skills, Pay, Mastering PanX 10.2, All years, or at times I get some. (Also if using Free+Pay) When the left panel is empty, the text above the empty list says
“Selected 0 or 57 videos.” Well, yes, cause there are none to select.

I’ve done the Video>Update video operation many times. I’ve closed and restarted PanX a number of times. … Hmm I haven’t rebooted the Mac, I’ll try that next.