Big Sur record freeze, no tabbing

This is odd. Running in BS 11.2.3 and multiple files I use every day are locking up, by which I mean when I am updating a record, moving from field to field with tab or arrowkeys, suddenly nothing happens. I have unfrozen it by jumping to the top of the file; once I added a blank record at the bottom and that seemed to help that one time; I’ll keep better notes, but it seems to happen every time I do even minimal editing in a group of files I use constantly.

This is odd – I just noticed that if I hit rightarrow, and it doesnt move to the next column/field, and then I hit uparrow and it goes up to the prior record, it does in that record select the field I had tried to move to initially.

It seems to be buffering the left/right keys and then executing them when the up/down keys are used. E.g., if I hit rightarrow 3 times, it doesn’t move selected cell, but moves over 3 to the right in the prior/next record if I hit up/down arrow.

Maybe the ants in my keyboard did more damage than I thought, 'cause I just noticed a procedure that copies the cell above and then moves right is working – but I suppose that is actually just a coincidental parallel movement of the procedure consistent with the new bug.


Further – the jumping to the top isn’t really significant, as I first thought. Going anywhere out of the current record implements the attempted left/right movements. FWIW, I’m also getting “unexpectedly quit” warnings/options when I have “quit” all by myself. Or thought I had.

This is a known issue with Big Sur. Panorama is actually changing the current field, but the display doesn’t update due to a bug in Big Sur. We’re hoping Apple will fix this issue in a future release of Big Sur, but we are also working to see if we can come up with a workaround on our end.

OK, good. I did look for known issues, but missed that description, I guess.

Yea! I have the same problems. I only work for three months, using Panorama X madly. I have been so disappointed at its performance this year. Yes, I am using BigSur. I am waiting for your fixer!

My files are really small, too, perhaps 200-300 records at the most.

Eileen Parr

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