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I would post a new topic, but I don’t seem to have permission to do that in the forum yet.

I’m a new user, currently in my 7-day trial, and considering paying for a longer pack of months, but I just wanted to check something first. This display bug (where if you move to the next column, the highlight doesn’t move and still shows you on the last column)… I can see it’s from March 2020, and also from another post that well in excess of half the users are on Big Sur (I guess it will be a lot more now).

The version I downloaded seems to be from 2018 (at least that’s the date it gives on the website when downloading); but I’m not sure if perhaps there are patch / maintenance releases since then?

It’s not a major functional problem, but to my (uneducated) eye, it feels like something that would be an easy fix. I also saw that in the betas, it isn’t fixed, either.

I just wanted to see before committing, the general feel on bugs / releases, etc. This isn’t a criticism, really - and it sounds like this could be a very powerful program for my use case. But this just gave e a bit of a pause and would be interested to see response before committing.

Looks like there’s a really active community too, and great help documentation, which is definitely encouraging!


You have permission now, and your post has been moved to a new topic.

No, the post is from March 2021, not 2020. But we have been aware of the issue since shortly after Big Sur was released, so about 9 months now. It appears that Apple is not going to fix the underlying issue, so we will need to work on this. We don’t know if it is an easy fix or not. The current code worked fine for 8 years until Big Sur came along. We definitely intend to address this before the next major release, no matter how difficult it is.

As a small company with limited resources, we aren’t able to issue patch/maintenance releases in between major releases. As you noted, there has been a long gap since the last major release in late 2018.Normally we wouldn’t go so long in between major releases, but we have been working on a very major release that unfortunately really can’t be split into smaller interim releases. You can read about what’s coming in this release, which has been in beta test since early this year.

We also make our issue tracker available publicly, which I think is rather unusual for a private company. So you can get a good idea of the ongoing work on the program. (Of course there is also lots of work that never shows up in the issue tracker.)

I’m aware that I’ve not really directly addressed your question, and obviously I am not an impartial observer. I’m sure others will pitch in with their opinions, but hopefully I have provided some transparency that will be helpful to you.

One additional point I didn’t think of before – the Panorama community is actually much more active than you realize. There is a private area of the forum for users that signed up for the beta program, and all of the most active members of the community are mostly posting in that section. Since January, about 80-90% of the posts on the forum have been in that private area. So at the moment the forum is kind of like an iceberg with most of it being invisible. Eventually that area of the forum will be made public so that anyone can benefit from the discussions there (I don’t expect anyone to go back and read all the old posts, but they will be accessible when searching).

Many thanks for the replies. That’s really good to hear, and has definitely given me the confidence to sign up fully after the trial.

For the display bug, I’ve noticed that pretty much any other operation (for example, showing or hiding the inspector) does cause the screen to update and show the correct cell, so I’ll probably just write a keyboard maestro workaround for now to do this on every cursor move.

It sounds like it’s also going to be worth me switching to the beta, as I’m still playing about.

I hadn’t realised about the tracker - that’s really handy and will make it easier to see / report issues if I hit any.

Looking forward to getting stuck in!