ZeroBlank( failure

I am having a problem with a ZeroBlank function which causes PanoramaX to quit. My code is:

Field «Order»
FormulaFill ZeroBlank(«Order»)

The Field Order is an Integer field. My purpose is to clear any zero values to a blank or null value in the cells. Am I doing something wrong?

I just tried this on a sample database and it worked without a problem. Possibly you have some bad data in the Order field. See if simply using FormulaFill «Order» instead of the ZeroBlank version causes a crash as well.

There is no need to quote the field name. Try

field Order
formulafill zeroblank(Order)

There isn’t any need for the chevrons in this case (since Order has only alphabetic characters), but it shouldn’t hurt anything either. I think Gary might be on the right track, perhaps there is some sort of corruption in the database. I haven’t ever heard of this before. Is this the entire procedure you are running? Is there any other code that might be what is actually causing the problem?

I did make a database with an Order field and try the exact code @panaca specfied, including the chevrons. It worked perfectly, and changed zeroes in the column into empty cells, as desired.