X Server is crashing w no shared files

In the last 7 days, my Panorama X Server has crashed 3 times with no shared files. I have it started with Terminal and the crash data does display in Terminal. Is the crash data any value to understanding why Panorama is crashing with no one accessing?

Is the Panorama server connected directly to the internet? Or did you go thru Apache? With provue.com, I was finding that it would crash sometimes when no one was using the server, I think bots were attacking it. When I configured it to go thru Apache and disabled direct access to the server built into Panorama, the crashes stopped. I think the Apache server is more robust against attackers than the GCDWebServer built into Panorama X. So if you haven’t tried that, I recommend trying that configuration. Or you might try changing to a different port that isn’t normally used for HTTP. I never tried that so I can’t say if that will make a difference or not (possibly attackers might find any open port).