X Server crashing on opening files

I am using OS 10.14.6 with Panorama 10.2 b15. When I open a file that opens several other files in the .initialize statement, the shared file never connects the first time it is opened. Then it crashes after trying to open the second file. I have to open it several times before it connects to the server, and then it opens the other files successfully.

Obviously I would like it to open and connect the first time. The server is running but I get the notification “connecting to (name of my server) server” when it doesn’t connect. When it does, I get “Opening Invoice”.

As a follow up, there are approximately 10 files associated with the opening of this solution. If I open one specific file, it synchronizes every time. If I then start the invoice file it runs through its .initialize procedure, opens all the other files, defines variables, etc and it’s good to go. If I open any of the other 9 files independently, some will synchronize, some won’t. If one synchronizes and I then open the invoice file, it still crashes the Panorama X client while running the .initialize procedure.

I turned on the Daily Sharing Activity log. I opened the invoice file and it threw the error that it couldn’t connect to the server. The second file was opened by the .initialize procedure and it synchronized but then the invoice file crashed the client when it continued. The log only shows the second file opening and synchronizing. There is no record of the invoice file opening at all.

Opening shared files in the .Initialize code should work. That is something that was very thoroughly tested.

However, for debugging the issue I would suggest removing the openfile statements from the .Initialize, and see if then works. That will isolate whether the openfile is the problem or something else about the database.

Also I would suggest that now with 10.2 you can permanently remove the openfile statements from the .Initialize, and open the additional files with the new Auxiliary database feature. It really shouldn’t make any difference, internally the files get opened the same way.


I think you missed the part about the daily log entry never showing the invoice file opening even though its .initialize procedure opened a second file and synchronized it before crashing.

The files crashes before it ever gets to opening all the other files. Also, I don’t see anywhere in the docs if auxiliary files open before or after the .initialize procedure runs. I have to do some tasks on each file after they are opened by the .initialize procedure.

I’ve opened the invoice file and quit Panorama for the last 20 minutes. The results are frustratingly inconsistent. Sometimes the invoice file will not connect, it opens the second file, synchronizes it and then crashes. Sometimes the invoice file opens, connects and runs the .initialize perfectly. And a new twist, now sometimes the invoice file opens, throws an error that it can’t connect to the server, then runs the .initialize procedure and opens all the other files perfectly as well as all the other tasks it runs.

I’ve tried your suggestion of removing the code that opens other files, but as I said, it crashes before that. I’ve re-edited the code around where it crashes but unless I can get the invoice file to open and synchronize, or not, consistently, troubleshooting the code is moot.

I disabled the .initialize code altogether by removing the “.”. If I open the file from the finder without Panorama running. It opens and says it can’t connect to the database. If I close the file, it will open and connect consistently until I quit and reopen it at which time it will not open and connect, which was my original problem. Why won’t it connect the first time it is opened? Other files do the same if opened independently. Should I make them all single user and start over?

Another new twist, I enabled the .initialize procedure and now it is being ignored, unfortunately consistently. I copied it, removed it and created a new one. It is still being ignored on opening. If I open the procedure window and run it manually, it runs perfectly. Totally lost.