WWDC June 4-8 in San Jose

FYI, I’ll be in San Jose all next week for WWDC. I’ll still be responding here on the forum, but it may be at odd hours (ok, I often respond at odd hours anyway, so you may not be able to tell). It’s been six years since I won the WWDC lottery (if you don’t know, they literally have a lottery to determine who can purchase tickets), so I’m pretty excited, especially for the chance to discuss some frustrating Panorama X issues with Apple engineers.


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The CNET page on WWDC 2018 makes interesting reading although there’s nothing new mooted for Macos.

Remind those engineers that they should be looking after Apple’s second-oldest developer better than they are.

I don’t believe any of the prognostications until I see the real announcements. Though the most reliable source is generally believed to be Mark Gurman of Bloomberg (formerly of 9to5Mac), but he is not perfect either.

Jim is not as old as you may think.


But he’s still the second most longstanding Mac developer (after Bill Gates).

Dang - I’m too late to have you ask about the iPad Mini 5 :frowning: :slight_smile: