Wonky Date field entry

I was going nuts attempting to enter a date into a DATE field in a database I imported from dear old 6. I tried entering a new DATE field, I tried changing input and output settings. I created a couple of stock databases from templates containing DATE fields without touching the field properties, same result: I would type in mm/dd/yy, it would display, and I soon as I tabbed to another field it would vanish. The DATE data imported from 6 showed up with no problem, but nothing new. As I was careening around I noticed that “today”, “tomorrow”, and “yesterday” seemed to work just fine (as long as I didn’t have “input pattern” set to __/__/__), so I tried typing in a text abbreviation for the month: nov, dec, jan - and it worked. I got mm/dd/yy (numerically).

Is anyone else having this issue? I’m running a late 2016 MacBookPro with OS 10.12.6.

The only way I can duplicate this is by setting the system’s Language & Region preferences to a country where the date order is something different from mm/dd/yy. If I set it for Australia, for example, 01/22/18 will disappear as soon as I hit tab or enter, but 22/01/18 will work just fine.

I checked that. I’ve haven’t lived anyplace other than the US since I was 8 1/2, haven’t read Latin on a regular basis for 55 years, and my French is terrible. Not likely I’d change my system preferences just so I could be miserable…

I think X knows I’d delete it and go back to 6 in a nanosecond if Apple wasn’t going to kill 32 bit…

But thanks for the reply.

It might be a problem with the OS. I know that I have had problems that were resolved by using the latest version.

I’m running OS 10.12.6, which is as good as Sierra gets. Will be moving on to High Sierra soon, now that I can no longer hear anguished howls echoing through the midnight hours from bugged MAC users… I hope that does it.

There are plenty of Panorama X users running 10.12.6 that are not having any problem with entering dates.

The symptoms you are experiencing are exactly what you would see if the system date preferences were set to something different than mm/dd/yy.

What happens if you enter the date in reverse order, for example 22/1/18? Does that work?

I found another way to produce similar symptoms. I left it set for United States, but customized the date settings.

The default settings look like this.

The difference is that the short date format has been changed from mm/dd/yy to mm/dd/yyyy. With that setup, To enter the month numerically I need to enter it as dd/mm/yy. It displays in the MM/DD/YYYY format, when the output pattern is left empty.

This is similar to another problem reported in December.

That is awesome Dave. I have duplicated the problem, and also gone ahead and implemented and tested the fix :slight_smile:

Until this fix is released, you’ll need to set the System Preferences to use two digit years for Panorama X to accept dates in mm/dd/yy format.