Wizards missing

I did the download and installation of 10.2.0.b37 and lost all the Wizards.

What does “lost all the Wizards” mean? There is no Wizards menu in Panorama X.

In any case, b37 has been a very reliable update. No reports of this sort of problem from anyone else. Maybe just throw the app in the trash and download it fresh from the web site.

I assume this is referring to databases kept inside the Panorama X package in /Contents/Resources/Wizards, which then appear in the ‘Wizards’ menu (between the ‘Field’ and ‘Window’ menus) when run. I keep a directory alongside PanoramaX.app called Copy into /Contents/Resources/Wizards, the contents of which I copy into the PanoramaX package every time a new update is installed. At the moment there’s only a tweaked version of the Formula Workshop (which doesn’t appear in the Wizards menu, of course, but is kept in the same directory), but in the past there have been a few other databases downloaded from the Database Exchange too.

If these auxiliary databases were kept in, say, ~/Library/Application Support/PanoramaX/Wizards, this would not be necessary. As it is, however, by installing a new version, anything modified by the user inside the old one is lost. This does, however, make for greater portability and the ability to run different installations of Panorama X in parallel.

This isn’t actually a documented feature in Panorama X. As you have explained, it’s not really great to have to install any wizard databases into the app bundle itself, so this is not documented or encouraged. Instead I would recommend putting any databases. you want to frequently use into the Favorite databases menu.