Wizard Menu Sort Order?

On one of my Machines, the items in the Wizard menu are not in the default order. Is there a way to reset that or change the order of those items back to default? This is in v6

Wizards are displayed in alphabetical order. There is no way to change the order.

Under Preferences - General Preferences you have this checkbox.

It doesn’t affect the order, but it does affect which wizards are included in the menu. Perhaps that setting is different on that machine.

Not sure if this screen shot helps…but, you can see that the menu has somehow been resorted.

I don’t have handy access to the Panorama 6 source code any more, but I think the wizard menu actually lists the wizards in the order kept by the file system. This is usually alphabetic, but apparently somehow that isn’t the case on your system. I have no idea why. Panorama 6 hasn’t been supported for several years, so my recommendation is of course to transition to Panorama X.

Thanks Jim, It’s only on the Mojave OS, just threw me a bit when I switched machines, guess I never noticed that they were different before. I’ve been having all sorts of wonky behavior on Mojave with several apps. Recently reinstalled it as well. I’ve got X installed, but mostly still use v6 with “classic” menus since that is what my muscle memory is good at, that and the need for Server…