Wish list - CMD-D and CMD-G in a form's graphics mode

It would be really, really good if, in a form in graphics mode, CMD-D duplicated the selected objects and CMD-G grouped them. Those hot keys aren’t obviously used for anything else.

Here here. Great idea

Some thoughts on this.

• Command-G is currently used for Find Next
• In graphics mode Control-G will group objects & Control-U will ungroup
• I have not found any other use of Command-D so that should be available
• Instead you can currently use Command-C followed by Command-V to duplicate objects

Command-C/Command-V will copy and paste a duplicate object 12px to the right and 12px down from the original objects the same as using the Duplicate tool in the tool bar.

If the commands show in the menus, and these do, you can add command keys yourself, or even change pre-existing application command keys, through OSX via System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts.

After reading John’s post I vaguely recalled doing this in the distant past so I checked my shortcuts in the System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. I found that I had, sure enough, entered these myself and forgotten about them. So you will not have the Control-G and Control-U shortcuts available unless you go ahead and enter them yourself.

Also keep in mind that you can Group, Ungroup, and Duplicate from the context menu that appears when you right click in Graphics Mode. Also, there is a Duplicate tool in the tool bar.