Wish list - arrow to next/last procedure

One of the little things missing from PanX is the up/down arrow in the procedure sidebar that allowed me to step to the previous/next procedure. Not important but it would be good to have it back.

I’m currently adapting lots of custom procedures from Pan6 to PanX and I have about 40 of them in one database so I’ve written a procedure which saves the current procedure, closes it and opens the next sequential procedure at the click of a button. All procedure windows are set to the same location and size. If anybody is interested, I can post the code.

Since there is no way to add a button to a procedure window, I’m curious, where is your button?

I leave the NextProcedure procedure open and use the RUN button.

While your approach does not use the tools as they were intended to be used, I do admire your creativity.

Robert Ameeti