Windowglobal Help page needs a rewrite

Most of the Windowglobal Help page discusses Window Clones but as they were implemented in Panorama 6. It mentions the need to enable the Allow Clones option which does not exist in the Form Properties panel of Panorama X.

In Panorama X it seems a clone window of a form is opened using the openclonewindow statement or using the openform statement with the “Clone” option set to true (the opendialog, opendialogsheet and openwizzard statements also have the “Clone” option). The rundialog statement defaults to using a clone of the indicated form as well. I noticed that the ALLOWCLONES option for a form in Panorama X is set to false by default but does not show up in the form blueprint. Setting it to true with the setformoptions statement seems to have no effect so I expect this option is no longer used in Panorama X at all.

Bottom line is that the Help page for windowglobal needs a rewrite so folks don’t waste time looking for an Allow Clones option that does not seem to exist.

I’ve just revised the problematic sections of this help page to reflect how clone windows work in Panorama X. You don’t have to wait to read it, it’s already published on the web: