Window position

I am having fun with the new Panorama X even though I have to do some preliminary work to get my form to look like it was in Panorama 6.
Now my question: Does anyone know where the button is to save the window position as in Pan 6?

Window positions are saved automatically.

Thanks Cooper for the quick response

I just checked one thing. The window positions appear to be saved automatically when the database is saved, but if you close the database without saving, the final window position is not saved.

Auto-save kicks in whenever you perform an operation that can be undone. So if you sort, edit a data cell, etc., then your database will for sure be saved if you quit or close. Moving the window is not an operation that can be undone. So if moving the window is the very last thing you do, you’ll need to explicitly save if you want the position to be remembered.

Thanks Jim for the correction.