Will Pan Classic run under Windows?

Anyone able to get Pan6 to run under Windows 10?

As asked, it is impossible to run any Mac software on a Windows machine. But we’re going to assume you really meant to ask another question.

There is a Windows version of Panorama 6. His question is whether Windows 10 breaks it.

I have a Pan 6 database which has worked on Windows through Windows 7 or 8. Is it possible to install Panorama 6 on a Windows 10 computer?

I’ve upgraded a machine to Windows 10 and Panorama 6, which was already installed, has continued to work. It was becoming increasingly difficult to install Panorama on Windows though, so it’s anybody’s guess as to whether it will install okay on 10.

In the past couple of weeks two or three users have reported being unable to run Panorama 6 after a recent Windows 10 update. On person mentioned something like the “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update”, whatever that is. At this point I’m not sure if there really is a problem or something these users have done wrong or something special they have on their computers. Since there has been more than one report, I think there may be an actual problem. However, Microsoft has a pretty good record of maintaining compatibility with older applications, including applications much older than Panorama.

As you know, we are no longer developing Panorama for the Windows platform. All future development will be for Apple platforms. At this time there are only a few hundred customers using Panorama for Windows, and it is simply not financially possible to continue development with so few users. (We never made a big announcement, but we stopped selling Panorama for Windows over 3 years ago, except for a handful of special cases.) If Microsoft really has done something to break Panorama for Windows, we will not be able to fix the problem.