Why Are These Text Fields Locked

I have built two data entry forms (Form_B and Form_C), one of them (_B) refuses entries:
1.) New record or old, I can’t enter anything in the first field (Name) «Name»: text display rectangle doesn’t accept input
«Cus» ID has nowhere to go without a name
«Billed» doesn’t accept input
«Category» choice field doesn’t pop-down when tabbed to
«Out» (invoice creation date) Alert: “ ‘Field or Variable doesn’t exist’ is not a valid date” as with the next two date fields.
2.) Entry in Data Sheet is without a hitch. (Data types are correct.)

I have both of them open in Graphics Mode, and see no difference between the two. I created a special .pandb file (497K), containing the examples, but apparently .pandb is not among the ULable file types. All I’m concerned with is what’s preventing entries.

AND, for extra credit, the form constructor doesn’t allow me to select the fields for the form. I make choices but the constructor gives me ALL fields.

Text Display objects are doing just that: they display text. If you want to edit text, then you have to use Text Editor objects.

I apologize for not specifying, but yes, these are all Text Editor Objects (as confirmed by the Object Properties Sub-Pane). The TEOs in one form do not accept entries (along with 3 previous attempts), in the other they do. I see no difference between the working form and the others.

As it is supposed to. The constructor starts with all fields, then you can edit the list to eliminate or rearrange if you want, using normal text editing techniques.

Have no idea what this sentence means. What is a “ULable” file type? Oh, you mean “upload able”? To this forum? The only type of file that can be uploaded to the forum is an image file.

If you want to compress the database into a .zip file you can email it to support [at] provue [dot] com and we will look at it.

Thanks on both counts. I’ll send the file on. Thanks in advance for looking at it. I just want to understand it so the next time it happens, I can fix it. This really is a tree fallen across the road.

(May I feel free to do this in the future, when a simple Forum discussion would be greatly helped by an example file. Or, as in this case, is it by invitation? TIA.)

The problem is that you have a hollow rectangle object that is in the same location as your text editor objects, is covering some of the objects and it is interfering with the text editor objects it is covering. It was a bit tricky because the rectangle object has been locked, and is hollow, so that it normally can’t be selected. I was able to remove it by selecting all objects, then dragging the objects to the side. The locked object remains behind. Then I was able to drag around the rectangle to select it, unlock it, then delete it. Finally I moved the editor objects back into position and they all worked.

The lesson is it’s a good idea to try to be careful not to create invisible objects - and especially don’t lock them.

Lesson well taken. 10Q