Why are some fields in my database hidden in Panorama X 10.2?

I just opened a DB in 10.2 and found 12 fields are hidden and I can’t find a way to make them visible. Show all fields doesn’t help. I’ve tried running procedures that include these fields and the procedures won’t run, stating that these fields are invisible. How I can get these fields back? Thanks for any help. Dave88

Panorama does not have a limit to the number of fields that a database can contain. However, the performance of the data sheet will degrade if a large number (hundreds) of columns are displayed. This degradation is especially evident when changing the field configuration (insert field/delete field/hide field etc.) To mitigate this, in Panorama X 10.2 the data sheet automatically cuts off the display of excessive columns. Out of the box Panorama will limit the number of columns to 150, but this cutoff point can be adjusted with the Preferences window. See this help page to learn more about this.

Since you are only 12 over the limit it’s probably reasonable for you to change the preferences to increase the limit.